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6 Resignation Letter Mistakes to Avoid | Nerdymates Blog

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You should never email your resignation letter unless it’s physically impossible for you to sit down with your boss. Give the resignation letter to your boss in person. Schedule a meeting, tell your boss you are leaving, and gracefully hand him or her the letter.

Focusing on Why Instead of When

A well-written resignation letter is crucial to setting the tone for a positive transition. Are you preparing to quit your job? Here are six mistakes you won’t want to make with your resignation letter.

Quitting a job can be fraught with emotion and anxiety. For some, it’s a clinical exercise, like firing one’s employer; for others, it’s as emotional as a messy romantic breakup. No matter how you feel about leaving your job, don’t burn bridges. The business world is surprisingly small, and you may find yourself working with, or requesting a recommendation letter from, a previous co-worker or boss sooner than you think.

Sharing Your Opinions About the Organization

These are red flags for the human resources department and suggest you may have lawyered up. Even if a lawsuit is in the works, save your allegations for your legal complaint, not your resignation letter.

that makes sure everything you type is clear, effective, and mistake-free.

If you had difficult co-workers that made life miserable, hopefully you addressed that with your boss and gave her a chance to correct the situation before you decided to quit. If you didn’t, your boss won’t appreciate being blindsided by information that reflects poorly on her managerial skills, especially in a document that others will read.

Keep your letter neutral and professional in tone. Don’t resort to sarcasm or emotion, just stick to the facts. Under no circumstances should these two phrases appear in your resignation letter:

Mailing It In

The resignation letter is not an opportunity to lecture your boss about things the company should do differently. Chances are, you’ve already tried to share your suggestions and felt you were ignored. Perhaps that’s one of the reasons you’re leaving. At this point, however, your opinions are irrelevant and don’t belong in your letter.

“Thank you for the opportunity to work with you these past five years. I appreciate the opportunity you gave me to attend the National Food Writers Conference in Seattle last year. I’ve really enjoyed writing posts for the chef’s blog and working with the photographers in the test kitchen. I’ll use the skills I learned here throughout my career.”

  • I was [sexually/emotionally/verbally] harassed.
  • After you’ve told your boss you’re quitting, it’s a good idea to send an email to co-workers to thank them and let them know the date you are leaving. Don’t get careless and just put in time during your notice; do your best work and tie up loose ends. Studies show that people remember the first part and the last part of an experience equally, so give co-workers a positive last impression.

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    It’s always good business etiquette to thank your employer for the privilege of working with him or her. Mention a few opportunities you appreciated and discuss an aspect of your job you enjoyed. Remember, you may need a reference from this person, so go out on a positive note. This paragraph is a good template:

  • I was discriminated against.
  • Using a Negative Tone

    The information your employer needs most is the date you are leaving. Most people give two weeks’ notice, although your employee handbook or contract may have different requirements. You shouldn’t include the reason you’re leaving in your resignation letter, although it’s a good idea to practice an answer should your boss ask during the meeting.

    Neglecting To Thank Your Employer

    Criticizing Your Co-Workers

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